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Tudor Door ethos is providing high quality doors and frames at an affordable price to both your finances and the environment. With decades of experience to our name we strive to be innovative and we continue to invest in product research, and manufacturing technology. This research has led us to produce what will become the backbone of our range.



Safer Option

Our doorsets are designed and tested to the highest standards, and we carry out a number of third-party accreditations and affiliations, ensuring they are of the  highest standard and ready for installation. It is our ability to design, develop, assemble and inspect our doorsets in one place that guarantees your safety and satisfaction.

Fire Resistance

Britset doorset had been tested to BS and EN standards in a range of configurations,  and can provide 30 minutes of fire resistande (FD30), with cold smoke resistance where required. Fire performance is assured by ongoing independent third-party certification. Authoritative assessments are available for variations from a tested door design.

Added Value

Using the Britset doorset, rather than buying the components individually, could save up to half the initial time and cost of a traditional door assembly.

Quality Guaranteed

We control all elements of production and pre-installation assembly, so you can be guaranteed everything leaving our factory comes to you complete, meeting our exceptional standards and is fit for purpose.

Installation & Maintenance

The correct installation of a door is fundamental to its performance. The use of an  accredited installer is strongly recommended for installation and maintenance. Tudor can supply instructions for fittings. Regular inspection and maintenance are essential to ensure that doors retain their design performance throughout their life.

Britset Package


All You Need A Single Pack

Within one package you will have all you need to fit your frame and hang your door easily & obtain a quality finish without employing expensive labour.

Your Britset Package Includes :
Softwood Door Frame
Door Leaf (available in 7 finishes)
Door Stops
Fixing Kit
Intumescent Strips
Tubular Latch