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Leading doorset manufacturer Tudor UK promises to offer you an exceptional service. We believe doors are more than just a passage; they are the real centrepieces in interior design and must be given the right treatment. Tudor commits to transform walking through a doorway to a pleasant visual journey. It’s precisely handcrafted combination of aesthetics and ergonomics makes ‘style’ one of the most essential features for our products.


Our doormakers are masters of their craft and have many years of experience behind them. For an entryway to become a real centre piece of a room, the design needs to be seamlessly complimentary to the design concept while materials, craftsmanship and finish must be of an excellent standard. Ultimately, the overall effect has to be striking. Our comprehensive service delivers more than just the design. Our experienced engineers always guarantee compliance to regulations and safety rules.

Tudor Doorsets keep you safe from fire hazards

Tudor doorsets are one of the most fundamental elements of a building’s passive fire protection, acting as the first line of defence in case of a fire

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