Tudor’s specialised design and installation team offers full service from design to installation. We have supplied bespoke doors for many Hotels in the UK and overseas. We work very closely with architects and interior designers to meet their requirements, allowing flexibility in design while retaining full performance specification such as fire, Acoustic and security. Our extensive range and bespoke manufacturing facilities offer compliance to any requirements.


Our many years of experience in manufacturing and installing door for various jobs led us to produce a number of product ranges to cover most type of project sectors including Education,Hospitality, Commercial, and Residential.


Our sector specific ranges of pre-defined door sets offer a simple and practical design solution, while fulfilling your performance specification, still allow for options for facings and finishes enabling the specifier to tailor the design to your requirements.


As a leading door set manufacturer, we believe in maintaining the traditions of our craftsmanship and project specific design,  whilst utilising the latest technology in production methods result in excessive quality — this how we keep 100% customer satisfaction. Way, our customers get the best of both worlds.

We are proud to be the best UK doorset manufacturer of doorsets


Our customer-focused team offer you a comprehensive service from conception to installation. It starts with a highly skilled and experienced design team: continues with manufacturing using the latest technologies, and ends with certified professional installation. The result is an inevitable success. We guaranty best service and a long-lasting customer relation.