The specification of architectural hardware is at the core of our business. While the use of architectural ironmongery is primarily in the beautification of a dull looking construction, it also gives additional life to the construction and it is also durable and reliable feature of a building. With time, usage of the term transformed to joinery where products are made from iron including iron door and window, iron fittings for building such as the hinge, lock, latch, handle, knob, etc.

Because of ironmongery in a construction has become trustworthy feature lately, and with many new designs in the architectural ironmongery, it can give a total makeover to a building making it look more elegant and classy. It is for this ability of the ironmongery to improve aesthetics of the house or building that it will be admired in the coming years.

Sometimes it’s the smaller details that matter. Aside from the door itself, the knob or handle you use can make a big difference regarding how the door looks, feels and behaves. Many people have their own preferences, so it’s worth investing in some unique knobs that emphasise your own tastes.

Fortunately, we supply a wide range of bespoke door knobs, whether you’re buying some of our doors or just want something to upgrade your existing home. Our wide range includes various styles and materials, giving you the best possible selection.

So, what can we offer and just why are door knobs so important?

What Are Door Knobs?

Door knobs are a type of handle. In short, rotating them retracts the doors locking or latching mechanism, allowing the door to be opened. Without the knob, people would have way to interact with the door at all.

More specifically, a knob features a flat, somewhat-rounded shape, in contrast to the level-like appearance of a handle. Mechanically, there is no difference, but the shape of a knob requires users to grab it and rotate their hand, rather than the more complex motions used in a handle.

Because they are part of the door mechanism, they have a set height: fortunately, this is at arm or hand level for most people. While most doors have a simple latch, you will find some doors – such as those designated for bathrooms – often come with an additional lock that knobs also need to take into account.

Why Do They Matter?

Knobs matter because, from a practical point of view, they represent how the very door is used. Knobs are designed to be ergonomic, comfortable in the hand and at a size that is ideal to grasp.

This, combined with a smooth twisting motion, makes opening and closing doors a smooth experience. It may seem like a small factor, but working, smooth door handles make a home a quiet and enjoyable environment.

Likewise, aesthetics are also important. Many people prefer knobs because they offer a wider variety of styles, thanks to different materials and features. By keeping your knob handles consistent throughout the home, you can further enhance the unifying effect that doors have.

Materials And Styles

Our door knobs come in a wide array of materials and designs, so there is always something to suit your tastes. Popular materials include wood, metal and even cut glass. As you can see, there’s a wide variety of ways to customise your doors.

You could, for example, use brass for a more traditional feel, or even glass designs for an elegant approach. Depending on the colour of the material, you can use these handles to contrast against the door colour, or add a complimenting shade that blends in with the wider palette and motif.

Whatever you need, we can supply you with the perfect knobs for your doors. So, why wait any longer? Start looking, or just get in touch and tell us what you had in mind!