Internal Door

Internal Doors

Doors are more than just functional parts of the home. As the entrance and exit of entire spaces, the right door does a great deal in defining the spacial environments in your home.

As such, there is more than one way to compliment your home. Do you want all of your internal doors to match, for instance, or do you want to create a difference between living rooms and private bedrooms? The right choice of door can make all the difference.

Single Or Double

While upstairs doors almost always come as single options, this isn’t always the case when it comes to downstairs rooms. This is because the downstairs spaces, such as living rooms, kitchens and dining rooms, are considered communal spaces.

Consequently, double doors make these rooms all the more inviting. They can also be fully opened, transforming two rooms into a shared, open-plan space.

If you choose double doors, even in their closed state, they will make a strong impression. You can choose doors with a large motif, or even with large transparent (or translucent spaces) that let light in.


While wood is the most common choice for doors, you’re not stuck with the one singular material. Wood, for example, comes in a variety of types. Some people prefer a fix oak, while others appreciate the richer hues of mahogany.

Likewise, the extra touches and details you choose can help accentuate the doors, determining how they interact with the room at large. Door knobs, for example, can come in sleek silver, or something more contrasting, such as brass. The materials you choose will help set the theme for each room.

Do you want something that compliments the space you already have, or do you need something that’s more passive and neutral, blending in between the two connected spaces? We have internal doors in a variety of materials, so we can give you the exact door you need!

Colour and Hue

When it comes to the door itself, you also have plenty of choices to choose from. Natural woods come in a variety of colours, from light whites and beige tones to deep red and brown hues.

Of course, regardless of the wood you choose, this can be complimented with paints and varnishes. This way, you’re free to choose the exact colour that suits your needs. You may want to use a varnish, for instance, that dyes the wood while letting the natural pattern shine through.

Alternatively, how about a flat colour that works with the wider room? Internal doors are a great way to contrast and compliment your choice of wall colour, working with the room to build on the colour theme.

The Right Door For You

As you can see, an internal door is never ‘just’ a door. It has to work with both the rooms it connects, whether that’s through making a stark statement or blending in with neutral tones and designs.

Because of this, it’s important to get the door that you want, rather than compromising in a shop. This is why we offer bespoke, tailored doors that have everything you need to truly make your own mark.