External Door

External Doors

When it comes to making your home your own, your external doors are a vital element. Whether it’s the front door or a back door, these external openings often act as focal points for your home. As an entrance, your door says a lot about your home.

External doors need to be functional and secure, but who says they also can’t look elegant and in keeping with your personal tastes? We specialise in making high quality doors that offer everything you need. This includes high quality external doors for your home.

A Focal Point Of The Home

As an external focal point, these doors often have more detail than regular, internal doors. This is certainly true for the front door. In addition to practical touches, such as a letter box, your front door often features some sort of motif or transparent element to create attention via a central focal point.

Similarly, the back door can serve a variety of purposes. If you have the space, you might have a double door or perhaps even something wider. Sliding or folding doors can serve to seamlessly open up the back rooms, merging with the garden to create temporary open-spaces when you need it. In this way, a back door is just as important as the front.


Wood has long been the go-to choice for doors, but that doesn’t mean you’re stuck for choice. We create bespoke doors in a variety of woods, allowing you to find something that truly suits your style and tastes.

As external doors, you may also want to use glass to allow sunlight through. You can choose between transparent or translucent glass to suit your needs. A large glass element is a great way to allow light through your doors. This is ideal for spaces that lack additional sunlight, especially when the door uses up wall space that could have otherwise been used for a window: why not let the door act as both?

Colour and Hue

Thanks to modern paints and varnishes, we can create doors in a wide variety of colours and hues. More traditional homes favour natural, dark browns, but modern homes are increasingly using clean white shades. We can provide doors in any of these, as well as any colour in between.

Furthermore, with a varnish, our doors can come in a beautiful tone, yet still showcase the natural grain and pattern of the wood material underneath. Alternatively, paints can create a flatter tone that allows for large areas of colour.

The Right External Doors For You

The next time you go into your home, think about how much your front door impacts the design of the home. Your external doors set an expectation for what’s inside, so it’s best to invest in a door that you’re absolutely happy with.

We have experience creating a wide variety of doors, from classic designs to modern variations. Whatever you need, we can create the external doors that are perfect for your home!