Door Frames

Door Frames

Every door needs something to hand in. If you’re going to invest in high quality, luxury doors, why skip on the surrounding frame? Doors and frames go hand in hand, so the right framing is vital to making the most of your doors.

Fortunately, we provide an excellent range of door frames to support our products. Whatever your after, we have the materials, colours and designs to give you exactly what you’re looking for!

Why Do Door Frames Matter?

From a practical point of view, door frames are very important. It’s the frame that gives the door a secure fit. This is vital for ensuring excellent insulation, minimising any heat loss due to unnecessary gaps.

From a visual point of view, your frames need to be consistent with your home décor. In the vast majority of cases, this means being consistent with your choice of door. A door that contrasts or otherwise clashes with its frame will create a strong motif that many may find too blunt or unwanted.

Likewise, depending on the style of your home, you may also want to consider the interior trims and skirting of your rooms.

Material & Colour

Thanks to modern treatments, our door frames can come in a wide variety of materials. Wood is the most popular choice and we can provide various hard woods and soft woods, from beautiful oaks to deep mahoganies.

Of course, just like our internal and external doors, we can provide various paints or varnishes to ensure you get the right tone and shade. This way, you don’t ever need to compromise on material or colour: we can provide you with exactly what you need.

A wooden door frame can be made in a variety of colours and tones, requiring there are no clashing colours where the skirting meets the bottom of the frame. Instead, you get a smooth border around the entire room, helping to blend your door frames into the rest of your interior scheme.

Finer Details

If you thought all door frames where the same, you would be very wrong. Just like our doors, we understand that it is the final details that can truly make a piece – and the surrounding space – unique. A luxury door needs a frame that has the fines to match, after all.

When it comes to door frames, you can choose from various veneers and trims. While subtle, the right framing can make a big difference. A minimalist choice will let the door to most of the talking, while a larger, more ornate choice can help make the door appear larger, creating a stronger focal point. It’s absolutely your choice, but we can help you choose the right frames to support your vision.

So, as you can see, the right door frame counts for a lot. Don’t let your doors suffer because you didn’t give them the casing and decorative trimming they deserve. Get in touch and tell us what you need!