An Introduction to: Interior Doors

An Introduction to: Interior Doors

by tudordoor |September 11, 2017 | Uncategorized

In building a house, we tend to choose the easiest way out by finding ways to finish it quickly. Some people even neglect the importance of picking the right interior doors. These interior doors might not be what most people will immediately see, but they still play a great role when it comes to interior designing and the strength of the home structure.

When you choose an interior door, consider the following:

What Room Is It Going to Cover?

It matters a lot to know which part of the house needs it. For example, a door for your bathroom would require one that’s water-proof to prevent it from being vulnerable to any sort of damage. In choosing a bathroom door, the design should not be the only thing that matters, it should include the strength and quality of its materials to make sure it lasts long. Ask yourself, does the door have to be frequently opened? If yes, then talk with your manufacturer and discuss about the durable doors that you need.

Other examples: Home recording studio, study room or the office. To make these places in the house convenient, choose a material that can reduce outside noise (Ex. Solid wood doors). Again, it matters what kind of room is going to need such doors with specific properties.

What Is the Best Size and Color for It?

The first question talks about the function of the space, now, it is about the design. Painting, framing, positioning – they will be vital.

Decide on what the size of the entrance would be, so that your manufacturer will know how many door leaves you’re going to have. If you prefer doors without paint, then choose the kind of material that will blend with the colors of the walls and the house.

Can It Be Fixed Or Should I Totally Buy a New Door?

There are a few reasons why doors should be changed: damaged interior doors, hollow-core doors, mismatched designs, unaligned doors, inappropriate size etc. Some damages may be fixed temporarily but some would require immediate attention.

If you just want to update the look of your interior door, and you don’t want to be hassled by totally removing it, then change the door trim. You’ll need a pry bar, a hammer, utility knife, tape measure, saw, nail set and patience to remove and replace the previous trim. Pay attention to details to avoid more damage.

Talk with a contractor for tips and tricks if you prefer DIY. Hiring one is also a good idea to get it done professionally.

If you have been experiencing problems with its damage, after a series of personal and professional fixing, then it’s time to purchase a new one.


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