About us

Welcome to Tudor Doors & Furniture. We are a specialising door contractors, providing high-quality door designs and door sets. Our mission is to provide high end products with a luxury finish, combined with a smooth and elegant service, from ordering to installation.

Whether you’re looking to update your home, or need doors for a large industrial project, we have the skills, knowledge and production capabilities to help!

Our Range

A core belief of our company is that a door is never ‘just’ a door. A quick look at our range will show you exactly what we’re capable of, with a range of designs, styles and materials. We have an in-house design team that can create any doors you need!

In addition to this, we also stock both DIYOR and ISIKLAR ranges, giving you access to beautiful designs that are difficult to find in the UK. Our range includes solid wood designs available in veneer and polished finishes.

If that wasn’t enough, our company is also a certified Artedecor (DIYOR) supplier.

A High Quality Finish

We believe in striving to make every product the very best. Nothing leaves our premises without meeting our high standards. Alongside using high quality wood, we use a range of materials to ensure the desired finish, whether it’s using the right colour of paint to match your interiors, or treating the wood and allowing the natural grain to show through.

We also pay attention to all the small details. Whether you need specialised knobs, handles or glass elements within your doors, we have the production means to make it happen. Whether it’s a singular door or a complete set, every item we send out is designed to meet and exceed customer expectations.

This is why we’re trusted in both the UK and further abroad. Whether it’s working on residential properties, leisure buildings or even commercial properties, our clients count on us to provide high quality, tailored products that fulfil all their needs.

An Excellent Service

So, why should you choose us? We do more than just sell doors. From the moment you order, to the moment your new pieces are installed, we do everything possible to ensure a smooth, pleasant experience. It’s why both home owners and large corporations alike look to us to supply luxury products on time and with no problems along the way.

From the moment you order, we can ensure all our doors are made to the correct size, ensuring a perfect fit. It’s this flexibility that makes our doors so fantastic, as our full production line is able to cater to various requests, ensuring you only ever get the doors you need, without compromise.

Alongside this, we can also install our doors and frames for you. This takes all of the hard work out of your hands and, combined with our guaranteed on-time deliveries, gives you the products you need exactly when required.

In short, from ordering and manufacturing to delivery and installation, we offer a one-stop solution for your next door needs. So why not get in touch with us and get the doors you desire, without all the hassle?